People's Mandate Rally a testament of the power of the people – MK Party

Party says its indomitable spirit has shown that attempting to thwart this rising tsunami is an act in futility

MK Party’s People's Mandate Rally a testament of the power of the people

19 May 2024

We are exhilarated to announce the remarkable success of the MK People's Mandate Rally at Orlando Stadium today. The overwhelming turnout, with the stadium packed to capacity and thousands more in overflow areas, truly exceeded our expectations. It is deeply humbling that members and supporters from all corners of the country overcame numerous obstacles to hear President Zuma's empowering keynote address. This historic event marks a significant milestone for our young, 5-and-a-half-month-old party, demonstrating the deep-seated hopes, aspirations, and dreams that the people place on MK Party and President Zuma as key catalysts to addressing the critical issues of unemployment, poverty, inequality, landlessness, and homelessness-issues that have worsened under Cyril Ramaphosa's ANC.

Regrettably, hundreds of thousands of our supporters were unable to attend this historical moment due to blatant acts of sabotage orchestrated by Cyril Ramaphosa's ANC using state machinery, which included jamming the network and interfering with hundreds of buses meant to ferry people to the stadium, among other underhanded tactics. We extend our sincerest apologies to every supporter affected by these treacherous acts. Despite these challenges, the indomitable spirit of the MK Party has shown that attempting to thwart this rising tsunami is an act in futility.

We are particularly moved by the heroic resolve of those who, in a country where people must be bribed with food and money to attend rallies, organized their own transport and logistics at their own expense to attend this rally. Such dedication and commitment serve as a profound reminder that when the spirit of a people is ignited, no amount of adversity can quench their flame. More so, when this rally was supported not by funds from white monopoly capital's bloodied money, but by small businesses owned by black individuals who endorse the economic policies of the MK Party which prioritises redistribution of the nation's wealth to those who were previously dispossessed.

This was not a manifesto, but rather a manifestation of the peoples will, which shall be implemented as the People's Mandate once the MK Party takes over the Union Buildings. The actions of every individual who made it to the stadium, and those who supported from afar, are a testament to the unstoppable momentum of an idea whose time has come the MK Party. Indeed, "No force or power can stop an idea whose time has come."

Today's rally is not just a celebration of our achievements in a short time but a clear message that the MK Party is not only here to stay but poised to take over the leadership of this country and rectify the ills caused by the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa. A clear testament that we are building a movement that transcends the traditional barriers of political engagement, rooted deeply in the will and power of the people. We are immensely grateful to each one of you who joined us today and to all who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Your belief in the vision of Mk party, which is derived from you our members, supporters, voters, and civil society at large demanding to participate in this democratic process which will drive us forward as a people.

Let us continue to stand together, undeterred by those who seek to undermine our progress, as we work toward a future that offers prosperity, justice, and dignity for all South Africans. Let this rally serve as a declaration that the MK Party, powered by the people and for the people, is ready to lead. With all signs pointing toward the possibility of a two-thirds majority, let's ensure that we bring all members of our families and friends to vote for the MK Party on May 29th. Together, we are clearly unstoppable.

Issued by Nhlamulo Ndhlela, Head: Media and Communications, MK Party, 19 May 2024