Solidarity strongly condemns planned MTN retrenchments

Management is acting callously and immorally by retrenching staff while its finances are a huge success

Solidarity strongly condemns planned MTN retrenchments

5 August 2022

Solidarity today strongly condemned MTN’s plans to start a retrenchment process. MTN's notification came after this company reported a profit of around R14 billion in the latest financial year and exceeded all its targets.

According to Solidarity, MTN's management is acting callously and immorally by announcing retrenchments while the company’s financial figures are indicating such a huge success.

“MTN’s behaviour towards its employees is immoral, and in times when inflation and fuel prices are skyrocketing, and even people who are lucky enough to have a job are struggling to keep their heads above water, the company is playing with people’s lives. To dismiss such a significant number of your labour force despite billions in profits that even exceeded the company’s own expectations paints a glaring picture of South African society and the role large companies like MTN play in it,” said Linda Senekal, network coordinator for Solidarity.

Solidarity further believes it is difficult to see these retrenchments through a lens other than one coloured by MTN’s intended takeover of Telkom.

“What MTN is trying to do with its employees is actually illegal. If MTN foresees that there will be a duplication of roles if it were to buy Telkom, then it must deal with it in terms of the prescribed section 197 process. MTN cannot hide behind the appearance of a normal retrenchment process,” Senekal said. “The lives of employees and their dependents are at stake, but MTN’s management does not comprehend this.”

Solidarity also emphasised its continuous support for its members who are part of the MTN workforce, and in terms of labour legislation they will enjoy the organisation’s full support.

“There is no chance that our members at MTN will be left to their fate when even employed South Africans are becoming impoverished on a daily basis. It will be fatal for these employees if MTN’s retrenchments continue unchallenged. MTN should know better, and it should adhere to existing regulations while considering the well-being of its employees. MTN must not disregard this and try to cover it up by telling its employees that a meaningful consensus will be reached while the retrenchment process has already been set in motion,” Senekal concluded.

Issued by Linda Senekal, Solidarity Network Coordinator, 5 August 2022