POIB deadline extended - ANC

Opposition parties have agreed to extension to September 23 2011


22 June 2011

The Chief Whip of the ANC in Parliament, Dr Mathole Motshekga, will on Thursday table a motion before the National Assembly proposing that the House extent the deadline by which the Ad Hoc Committee on Protection of Information Bill should conclude its business.

The Chief Whip will propose that the ad hoc committee report on the task, for which it was established almost two years ago, by 23 September 2011. Opposition parties represented in the multiparty chief whips forum have been consulted in this regard and there is a consensus.

We believe that the extension of the life of this committee will afford parliamentarians sufficient time to administer the Bill with thoroughness and precision, taking into consideration wide range of views already expressed during the public consultation process.

This extension once again reaffirms the ANC's commitment to this participatory process, which will ensure that all interested parties make further input on this bill. This will ensure that at the end parliament emerges with a quality product.

We are satisfied with the progress on the Bill thus far and the manner in which it has evolved since it was referred by Cabinet to parliament.

Given the importance of the Bill in our society, its conclusion by the proposed deadline is of paramount importance. We are confident that there shall be no further extensions of datelines on this particular Bill.

Statement issued by the The Office of the ANC Chief Whip, ANC Parliamentary Caucus, June 22 2011

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