Police finally admit crime is out of control – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus leader says country will pay dearly for SAPS' failure to combat ordinary crime during lockdown

It is good that the police finally admits that crime is out of control

19 February 2021

It is encouraging that the police now admits that crime is on the rise and that a lot of hard work is needed to combat it effectively.

A significant contributing factor to the sharp rise in crime could be that during the lockdown period, the police shifted its focus to policing lockdown regulations and as a result, combating ordinary crime was neglected.

The increase in serious crimes in the last quarter of 2020, like murder (6,6%) and sexual offences (1,8%), is a great cause for concern. A total of 12 218 people were raped during this period – an increase of 1,5%.

Regarding murder, it is insightful to note that the place where the third most murders were committed is in the vicinity of where alcohol is available.

The number of farm murders, which had risen sharply with 62,5% in the previous quarter when compared to the same period in 2019, was once again very high in the months of October, November and December.

According to the statistics, 19 people were murdered in 18 separate incidents that occurred during that period.

The feared trio crimes also showed a significant increase with carjacking that rose with 7,4% while there were also 77 more incidents of robberies at residential premises, an increase of 1,3%.

The extraordinary spike of 66,7% in cash in transit heists and the 34,2% increase in truckjackings are both a great cause for concern seeing as it has a direct effect on the country's economic recovery.

The hijacking of ordinary motor vehicles rose with 7,4%.

The incidence of crime in South Africa was already very high even before the lockdown and in the coming years, the country will pay dearly for the police's failure to combat ordinary crime while it focused on enforcing Covid-19 regulations, like patrolling empty beaches.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, 19 February 2021