Premier Ntombela should strongly discourage illegal land occupation – Roy Jankielsohn

DA LO says FState has seen two instances of illegal occupation of farm land in past week

DA calls on Premier Ntombela to strongly discourage illegal land occupation in the Free State

7 August 2018

During the last week the Free State has seen two instances of illegal occupation of farm land in the Lejsweleputswa District Municipality. The first attempted illegal occupation took place at a farm next to Monyakeng in Wesselsbron and the second near Meloding in Virginia.

In both instances of attempted illegal occupation of land, the SAPS were dispatched to restore order, protect the property rights of land owners and to disperse occupants. Once again it is the SAPS that forms the thin blue line between the ANC government’s politically expedient promises to the people, and the disappointment of the people’s unrealised heightened expectations.

It is alleged that these land invasions in the Lejweleputswa District have been politically motivated by a former ANC councillor at Monyakeng and current ANC councillor at Meloding. This cannot be allowed and the SAPS should also take action against these individuals that are actively inciting lawlessness.

The DA is aware that emotions are running high and that expectations are being created within the current political environment on the issue of land and land expropriation without compensation, however, it is of the utmost importance that during these processes and debates that the principle of the rule of law is not undermined or compromised.

As such, the DA has today written to Premier Sisi Ntombela calling on her to strongly discourage the illegal occupation of land in the Free State and to reaffirm the provincial government’s commitment not to allow illegal land grabs in the province.

While the ANC is exploiting the emotional issue of land in a bid to cover up its failures in government to ensure redress through improved service delivery and economic empowerment of individuals, the DA remains committed the protection of Section 25 of the Constitution and to redress through a land reform process that empowers and supports black emerging farmers to create successful commercial farms that create jobs and contribute to food security.

Issued by Roy JankielsohnLeader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature, 7 August 2018