President oversimplifying NHI situation – FF Plus

Party says the greatest threat to the success of the NHI is the ANC govt itself

Criticism of NHI comes from people who are “opposed to transformation” - Ramaphosa 

22 August 2019

The people who harbour doubts regarding the feasibility of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill are simply "opposed to transformation" said President Cyril Ramaphosa today in Parliament in response to the FF Plus's questions regarding the proposed health care system.

The FF Plus pointed out to the President that various listed companies, like Discovery, have lost a total amount of more than R14 billion after the NHI was tabled two weeks ago in Parliament as well as the fact that the system has already failed in various other countries.

Other companies that have suffered great losses include Afrocentric Health, Momentum Shed, Discovery and Adcock Ingram. In Ireland, a similar health care system was abolished a mere four years after it was implemented.

President Ramaphosa's response was that money markets are volatile and easily influenced and that "people who are opposed to transformation" have created negative sentiments by making alarming statements about the Bill.

He said that when the "benefits of the NHI become evident," confidence will quickly return and the markets will recover.

The FF Plus is concerned because the President is oversimplifying the situation. The greatest threat to the success of the NHI is the ANC government itself as over the last 25 years, it has repeatedly shown that it is utterly unable to govern or manage.

Entities like Eskom, the SAA, the SABC and others offer tangible evidence substantiating the FF Plus's concern about the feasibility of any plan or project that the government will implement and manage.

It is also lamentable that the President is so callous towards the companies that have lost a fortune due to the fact that informed businessmen clearly share the FF Plus's sentiments regarding the ANC's competency. It has nothing to do with opposing transformation.

Issued by Philip van Staden, FF Plus MP and chief spokesperson: Health, 23 August 2019