Prince Mokotedi's participation in polygraph not necessary - HAWKS

Unit says Major General's involvement in test will not serve any legal purpose

Major General Prince Mokotedi not to partake in public polygraph test

20 December 2016

The Directorate for Priority Investigation (Hawks) has decided not to partake in the polygraph test which was envisaged to take place on Wednesday at the ENCA television studios.

After seeking legal opinion, the DPCI was advised that Major General Prince Mokotedi participation, will not serve any legal purpose but could unsettle the network of sources and informers that has been cultivated as part of the ongoing investigations.

Major General Mokotedi opened a case wherein certain senior public officials and organizations are implicated. He committed to participate in the public polygraph test to prove that he had no ill intentions as some of the implicated persons have suggested.

The investigation has gained traction and sworn statements have already been taken from witnesses. Accordingly, all the issues that the implicated persons wished to address through Major General Mokotedi participation in the polygraph test can be ventilated properly through the open courts of law.

It will be in the interest of Justice that the implicated persons should be given a chance to respond to the allegations through the courts rather than through the media. We respect the public's interest in the matter but equally hold that the law should take its course.

No further comments will be made on the matter.

Issued by Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, 20 December 2016