Project of reconciliation in SA has failed - EFF

Fighters says this day was an occasion of a crime by a invading white-minority


Wednesday, 16 December 2020

The EFF observes the 16th of December, which has incorrectly been deemed a "Day of Reconciliation" in South Africa by a former liberation movement that is determined to erase and distort history, for the purposes of suppressing the spirit of rebellion that characterizes African people. This day is one upon which the racist Afrikaner Voortrekkers waged a war against the Zulu nation, defeating the King of the native people of Africa, King Dingaan.

This was in order to entrench colonial domination and further a racist agenda of invaders in South Africa. It was at the Battle of Blood River in 1838, where Dingaan led a brave defiance against a people who believed in their feeble minds that they can conquer a nation on the basis of the color of their skin.

There is therefore nothing reconciliatory about a day on which the dispossession of land was furthered by an entitled people who arrived in Africa and established themselves as a superior race.

As the EFF, we reject the attempt by a former liberation movement that is determined to make our people servants of a history that perpetuates defeat. The project of reconciliation in South Africa has failed because of the insistence on building a society on lies and injustice. We urge the people of South Africa to reflect on this day as an occasion of crime by a invading white-minority, that stole land and coerced the former liberation movement to be co¬conspirators of the suppressing of consciousness and the reality of history.

We urge our people to remember that there can be no genuine reconciliation and social cohesion while they are landless and subjected to inferior living conditions in the land of their birth. Genuine reconciliation must be based on equality and justice.

A country whose wealth remains in the hands of a racial minority, whose land remains in the hands of the few and in which black people are engineered to be gardeners and maids can never reconcile with itself. Crime, which in this instance is land theft, breeds conflict and the tensions of this country will never be resolved through lies and the erasure of history.

The EFF will continue to lead an agenda of true reconciliation, which in the immediate will be centered on land expropriation without compensation. Furthermore, we will continue to champion the agenda of nationalizing the mines, banks and all strategic sectors of the economy, in pursuit of the justice sought by those who came before us who stood against the conquering of our people.

We encourage everyone to abide by the necessary safety precautions during this festive season to avoid untimely death before we get our land. COVID-19 remains a real threat to the lives of the poorest of the poor in our country, and we urge our people to remain vigilant and defy death in order to usher in socialism in our lifetime and achieve a reconciliation based on justice and land.

Issued by the EFF, 16 December 2020