Proposal to prevent illegal mining activities, cable theft, accepted – FF Plus Gauteng

Party says all role-players, including private security companies must cooperate

FF Plus proposal for cooperation between police, municipalities and private security companies to prevent illegal mining activities and cable theft was accepted

8 July 2022

The FF Plus's proposal to the Gauteng provincial Police Commissioner, Lt.-Gen. Elias Mawela, to establish a cooperative agreement between the police and the private sector to combat illegal mining and cable theft on the West Rand was accepted.

During a meeting between the FF Plus, the Commissioner, the District Municipalities of the West Rand and Randwest, the Local Municipalities of Merafong and Mogale City, mining houses and the provincial Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, the party emphasised that the responsibility to combat widespread illegal mining activities and cable theft cannot rest on the shoulders of the police alone.

All role-players, including private security companies, must get involved.

According to the Gauteng police statistics for the fourth quarter of the 2021 financial year (January to March), 323 suspects were arrested for alleged illegal mining activities on the West Rand. 

The police conduct weekly operations to try and apprehend illegal miners. These illicit groups also engage in infighting to expand their mining area.

During a council meeting of the Merafong Local Municipality in Carletonville, mining houses were asked to appoint private security companies to prevent people from trespassing on mining land.

The same must also apply to municipalities that ought to hire private security companies to protect infrastructure.

Not too long ago, West Village, a former mining town near Krugersdorp, did not have electricity for ten days after power cables were stolen a number of times.

The Gauteng police can no longer be expected to fight crime all on its own.

The police, municipalities, mining houses and private security companies must cooperate to put an end to the destruction caused by illegal miners and cable thieves.

Issued by Kobus Hoffman, FF Plus MPL: Gauteng, 8 July 2022