Proposed amendments to firearm legislation irrational – AfriForum

Organisation says it appears as if sport shooters and hunters will also come off second best with this draft amendment bill

AfriForum fights proposed amendments to firearm legislation

24 May 2021  

AfriForum will fight the draft amendment bill regarding the possession of firearms. This follows after the existing firearm legislation was published for comments this past weekend.

The proposed amendments are irrational and reckless especially since this draft takes away the ability of citizens to possess a firearm for self defence purposes. Furthermore it appears that sport shooters and hunters will also come off second best with the proposed amendments.  

AfriForum will soon introduce a campaign to fight these draconic amendments to the firearm legislation.

According to AfriForum citizens must, within the framework of the law, have the ability to protect themselves and their families against criminals. This draft in its current format will result in citizens being left defenceless in a country where the South African Police Service already openly admitted that they do not have the ability to protect the citizens of the country against a wave of crime.

“AfriForum will put a stop to this attack on communities’ defensibility. This draft amendment bill will be fought hand and nail and will be AfriForum’s main priority,” said Marnus Kamfer, AfriForum’s Law and Risk Manager.

Issued by Chanté Kelder, Media Relations Officer, AfriForum, 24 May 2021