Protests spread while Ramaphosa protects Zuma’s protégé – Joe McGluwa

DA NWest leader says President's cancellation of trip to UK was nothing more than a PR stunt

#SupraMustGo: Protests spread while Ramaphosa protects Zuma’s protégé

23 April 2018

With protests spreading to Taung and Vryburg, the Democratic Alliance (DA) again calls upon ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa to act in the interest of all communities and remove Premier Supra Mahumapelo.

The fact that Mahumapelo remains in office signals that Ramaphosa’s cancellation of business and the United Kingdom was nothing more than a PR stunt. We further note that Ramaphosa will jet off to the Republic of Angola on Tuesday while Mahumapelo remains in office and the North West burns.

The time for talks is over, Ramaphosa should know what the problems of the province are and who is causing the problems. Therefore, the only reasonable outcome is for Ramaphosa and the ANC to swiftly recall Mahumapelo.

The utter destruction due to anti-Supra protests should send a clear signal to the President that the Premier has overstayed his welcome. That said, we condemn violence of any kind, it is clear however that the frustration arises from a failure of leadership and governance at all levels.

The latest scandal where he allegedly bought more than a million rand worth of cattle for Jacob Zuma with the people’s money was a final slap in the face of everyone who suffers without jobs, houses, proper health care or a reliable education system for all.

When you look at the parallels between Mahumapelo and Zuma, emergency lights should flash for Ramaphosa. Their names have become synonymous with self-interest, corruption and government mismanagement.

Mahumapelo, who is clearly not going to do the right thing and resign, single handily managed to bring health services to a total collapse. While he is selfishly clinging onto power, schools have been closed and some remains closed for the day. Thousands of learners will be sacrificed to protect Mahumapelo and his cabal.

Time is running out, Ramaphosa and the ANC should act swiftly to ensure that peace and calm are restored here.

It is time for Total Change – change only a DA-led government can bring.

Issued by Joe McGluwaDA North West Provincial Leader, 23 April 2018