Psychiatric patients languish at Joburg Hospital – Jack Bloom

Doctor doesn't care if Alzheimer patient ends up on street, DA hears

Psychiatric patients languish at Joburg Hospital

15 December 2016

At least 8 psychiatric patients have spent more than a week in the casualty department of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital as the Psychiatric ward is full.

This was told to Debbie Beech of the Alzheimer's SA organization when she attempted to assist an 85-year-old woman with suspected Alzheimer's get admitted to the hospital this week.

She says that a doctor discharged the woman and told her that she did not care if she ended up on the street.

This is appalling maltreatment which shows the general poor treatment of mental health patients in Gauteng. 

I am shocked that mentally ill people are kept in unsuitable conditions at the hospital casualty and are likely to be there for many more days.

The Health Ombudsman is investigating the Gauteng Health Department for the deaths of 39 psychiatric patients who were transferred earlier this year to unsuitable NGOs.

A broader investigation is also needed into the treatment of all psychiatric patients in the province.

Issued by Jack Bloom, DA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC, 15 December 2016