R100,000 reward for proving land theft – TAU SA

Organisation says allegations of stolen land are frequently made but not supported with concrete evidence

TAU SA challenges: R100,000 reward for proving land theft

9 May 2017

The TAU SA Executive Committee is fed up with accusations that famers have stolen the land that belongs to them which leads to more voices demanding expropriation without compensation. 

The TAU SA President, Mr Louis Meintjes, says that clarity should be obtained as soon as possible.  “These continued vague accusations are frequently made but to date nobody has been able to support such claims with concrete evidence.

Therefore TAU SA has decided to offer a reward of R100,000 to anybody who could prove beyond reasonable doubt that any commercial farmer or member of TAU SA gained ownership in a way that constitutes theft,” said Mr Meintjes.

Mr Meintjes added that property rights provided stability which forms the basis of economic growth.  “Without healthy property rights, all other rights will collapse.  Irrespective of this, our property rights are seriously threatened by the “theft” accusation, whist no evidence exists that the land was ‘stolen”.  All who believe in economic growth, job creation and  poverty relief should stand together and oppose this serious threat forthcoming from popular lies.  Do not allow the lie to determine our direction.”

Issued by Louis Meintjes, President TAU SA, 9 May 2017