Treasury blew R873 366 on Malusi Gigaba's wife's travel costs – David Maynier

DA MP says taxpayers should not have had to pay for Norma's intercontinental shopping trips

A staggering R800 000+ blown on “intercontinental shopping trips” for Norma Gigaba by National Treasury

3 May 2018

The former Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, who was responsible for the implementation of cost containment measures, and who regularly called for greater efficiency in the use of public funds, should have set an example when it came to belt-tightening in South Africa.

However, it has now emerged [see reply] that a staggering R873 366.68 was blown on international travel for the minister’s spouse, Norma Gigaba, who accompanied him on investor roadshows to the financial capitals of the world inter alia in China, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The fact is Norma Gigaba had no official duties on the investor roadshows and taxpayers, who have been pushed to the limit by tax increases, should never have had to cough up for what were, in reality, a series of intercontinental shopping trips.

In the end, even if the expenses are in line with the guidelines set out in the Ministerial Handbook it was simply wrong and the minister should do the right thing and “pay back the money” to National Treasury.

Text of reply:





43. Mr D J Maynier (DA) to ask the Minister of Finance:

Whether a certain person (name furnished) accompanied him on any of his official travels to the (a) United States (b) Japan, (c) China and/or (d) Singapore in October and November 2017; if not, in each case, why not; if so, in respect of each leg of official travel, (i) what was the (aa) purpose, (bb) departure date, (cc) arrival date and (dd)(aaa) total cost and (bbb) detailed breakdown of the total cost and (ii) what is the total cost to the National Treasury of the specified person’s official travel since 1 April 2017?










Fifth Annual South Africa Tomorrow Investor Conference, New York, 9-10 Nov 2017

7 Nov 2017

11 Nov 2017

R 139 442.38

Air travel


Daily allowance (for entire trip)


T&S incidental cost

R122 773.29


R15 942.15





Non-deal Roadshow, Asia 12-17 Nov 2017

11 Nov 2017

13 Nov 2017


13 Nov 2017

15 Nov 2017


15 Nov 2017

17 Nov 2017

(ii) R873 366.68

Issued by Parliament, 2 May 2018


Issued by David MaynierDA Shadow Minister of Finance, 3 May 2018