Racist and sexist attacks of NDZ condemned – Gauteng RET

News reporting, editorials and opinion pieces have become the enablers of these attacks, says Carl Niehaus

The Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group condemns the ongoing racist and sexist attacks of Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

30 May 2020

The Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group is disgusted and outraged by the most recent racist attack by a white man, Danie Herselman, who posted photoshopped photos on Facebook, comparing Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma with a baboon. The blatant racism contained in that appalling post recalls the numerous times, over centuries, that white South Africans have insulted black South Africans by referring to us as monkeys.

This post is only the latest in a growing number of sexist and racially abusive attacks that Dr. Dlamini Zuma had been subjected to. This despite the excellent work that Dr. Dlamini Zuma is doing as part of the Cabinet and the National Coronavirus Command Centre (NCCC) collective, in her capacity as the Minister responsible for the coordination of our country’s national disaster mitigation efforts, in terms of the Disaster Management Act of 2002.

The worst of these appalling attacks are found on social media, but the poisoned environment for these attacks to thrive came about because of similar sentiments being expressed in the mainstream media through their news reporting, editorials and opinion pieces. They have in-fact become the enablers of these racist and sexist attacks. Those responsible for such travesties of reporting should hang their heads in shame. They must tell us whether they are journalists with integrity, or simply the bought agents of particular business lobbies and interests, such as the tobacco industry.

As loyal members of the African National Congress we add our voice to the calls made by the ANC, and the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL), for both the Human Rights Commission and the South African Police Service to immediately investigate and take action on the racist, hate speech, Facebook post of Herselman. It must clear to all racists, and sexist abusers, that they will be pursued relentlessly, and that there will be severe consequences for their actions.

Issued by Carl Niehaus on behalf of Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group, 30 May 2020