Racist Zille must go now - ANC WCape

Party says DA does not have political will to decisively and properly deal with Zille

ANC says racist Zille must go now 

13 June 2017

The ANC demands the Western Cape's DA premier Helen Zille resign for her shenanigans and hurt to the people of the province with her racist colonial Twitter rants and nepotism.

Today the DA disappointed by saving Zille with a public relations 'settlement' that does not change anything. She remains premier - the very same position she abused on various occasions to attack and offend people of colour. These included calling people of colour refugees, professional blacks and her apparent defence of some colonial legacies.

ANC Western Cape shadow premier Khaya Magaxa as leader of the opposition in the legislature says: "It is clear the DA does not have the political will to decisively and properly deal with Zille or the outcry by affected people. The Zille agreement to keep her as premier of the province, does not absolve her from the continued hurt she caused not only to the citizens of the Western Cape, but also the legislature and her high office. She has caused massive loss of public trust.

"The DA only used this opportunity to temporarily manage the leadership differences of the divided DA or save the party's white support and interests. Nothing changed in Zille's status: She remains excluded from DA structures and got free reign to continue as premier despite her angering people and damaging race relations in the province. In fact she remains in charge of the DA, albeit doing so via remote control.

"The cowardly DA is not serious about dealing with real issues and Zille. Instead it continues to protect Zille by dropping the DA charges against her and place the party unity above all as well as the national interests. Is Zille now an independent free agent to offend more people at will? The very present dispensation our people endure is the product of apartheid colonial struggles."

The ANC will also continue to push for Zille to be ousted as premier. The ANC submitted a no-confidence motion at the legislature. The DA is trying to undemocratically suppress and block it, but the ANC says it should serve at the next sitting of the Western Cape legislature on Thursday. If the DA refuses to do this, it will be clear for all that the DA continues to protect its fallen premier at all cost , Magaxa added.

Issued by Cobus Grobler on behalf of ANC WCape, 13 June 2017