Ramaphosa made by white monopoly capitalists – EFF

Fighters say people who funded president not noble South Africans who give money to power without expectations

EFF statement on Ramaphosa donors

13 August 2019

The EFF notes the indisputable facts contained in the Sunday Independent story about who funded Ramaphosa to become president of ANC and South Africa. These revelations have not been disputed by either himself, or those who funded the campaign.

What is clear is that Ramaphosa is made by white monopoly capitalists in the form of Nick Oppenheimer, Raymond Ackerman, and many others who were central funders of the CRI 7 campaign. They gave millions into the Ramaphosa bid for ANC presidency, because the ANC is for sale.

These people who funded Ramaphosa are not noble South Africans who give money to power without expectations. Historically, they have played behind the scenes to control policy, and many other decisions of government. Some have been given positions in the boards of governing institutions and companies, like Maria Ramos, despite their disreputable actions in manipulating the Rand.

Even more concerning are owners of ENCA in the form of Johnny Copelyn and possibly Johan Rupert, demonstrating media capture which works to further white monopoly interests. It remains unclear if these individuals paid donation taxes and if such money movements, like Maria Ramos who donated almost a year after Ramaphosa's ANC Campaign ended, are not engaged in money laundering.

The people of South Africa must know that Ramaphosa is a white monopoly capitalism stooge, who cannot disrupt their power for the gains of the working class. The ANC government under his watch will never act against the interests of white monopoly capital.

Instead, they will advance them further and deepen white privilege, and power, in the economy.

The EFF warned South Africans that Ramaphosa is not clean, transparent or ethical. If Ramaphosa were transparent, he would have voluntarily declared all these donors, as it is required of any Member of Parliament. But he did not, because he does not want us to ask questions of conflict of interest when his government appointed individuals like Maria Ramos are placed in the PIC board. Ramaphosa is a greedy billionaire whose survival is based on tax avoidance, profit shifting, and tax based erosion that he participated in as board member in Lonmin.

It is impossible, within a capitalist society to become a billionaire without compromising on the ethics that are required for upright political leadership. There is no way that those engaged in corruption will ever adhere to Ramaphosa's authority, because he is an unethical, shady and dishonest man, who rose to riches at the back of super exploited vulnerable black people.

Many more scandals particularly that include money will follow him and always serve as a distraction to his claims of transparency, being a clean man and being ethical. He is digging his own grave. Each day it becomes deeper. Soon, it will be bottomless like all the hell graves greedy capitalists have to be buried in.

The EFF reiterates the demand that Cyril Ramaphosa must disclose the names of all people who donated money to his campaign to buy the ANC Conference. Ramaphosa must also disclose all conflicts of interest between the money he received and all appointments he made since he was elected President of the ANC and country.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 14 August 2019