Ramaphosa's denial of farm murders astonishing - Afrikanerbond

Jaco Schoeman says govt has a pattern of deviating from the truth on this and related issues

Is government living its own lie?

- Mr Ramaphosa's denial of farm murders abroad and his recognition of these murders in Parliament

It was with dismay that the Afrikanerbond took note of President Cyril Ramaphosa's denials of farm murders in an interview during his recent visit to the United Nations in New York.

It is astonishing that Mr Ramaphosa denies the serious matter of murders on farms. Mr Bheki Cele, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said in 2015 that his department considered the matter of farm attacks as serious.

In a statement issued by the Presidency on 2 July 2017, Mr Ramaphosa, then Deputy President said: "Parliament also successfully debated issues of importance such as an increase in farm murders and attacks in South Africa." Now the international world is being told there is no such thing as farm murders.

Many statistics outline a gloomy picture in 2018 of crime in general and farm attacks and murders in particular.

Government, however, regularly deviates from the truth not only about the worsening situation as regards farm murders. When dealing with the history of land ownership only those dates and facts which fit government's ideology are presented. No recognition is given to any other people who also made a contribution to this country – only mere racist references to the apartheid era and the great injustices of white versus black are made. History and its full perspective are always ignored.

Despite many statistics proven by research, facts about land ownership are concealed and no mention is made of the real situation regarding productive agricultural land, including state-owned property. The correct facts have repeatedly been brought to the attention of government and Parliament. Government spokespersons seem not to miss any opportunity to continue with their skewed picture of land ownership as the motivating factor offered to Parliament for expropriation of land without compensation.

The question must therefore be asked: What does government want to achieve by continuing such lies and misrepresentation? They can no longer be trusted. Pres Donald Trump does not need to be assured that “he does not have to worry about South Africa" if we are not honest and transparent about the truth here at home.

We urge the President and government to stick to the truth and to shy away from populist untruths. Obtain international friends, support and investments based on revealing the truth. That will suffice. In fact it will go a lot further than the untruths now being bandied about. It would appear as if the ANC government has isolated itself from circumstances and realities in South Africa and is trapped in its own lies. The more important question is whether it is for their own survival or whether the ANC has just become a bunch of pathological liars over time?

Statement issued by Jaco Schoeman, Chairperson of the Afrikanerbond, 27 September 2018