Ramaphosa’s visit to eThekwini is a missed opportunity – Dean Macpherson

DA MP says president should’ve met and engaged with local politicians who have been at the forefront of the unrest

Ramaphosa’s visit to eThekwini is a missed opportunity

16 July 2021

The DA in KZN welcomes President Cyril Ramaphosa’s eventual visit to the province.

Even though it may be seven days too late and after R20 billion in estimated damage, we are glad he has finally found his way to eThekwini which has been badly hit.

What the President has missed is an opportunity to meet and engage with local Members of Parliament, Members of the Provincial Legislature and Councillors who have been on the ground and at the forefront of this unrest.

The President could have heard first-hand from us about how communities were left to defend themselves while the police simply looked on.

 Or he could have heard from our communities how they have rallied together to provide food and care for each other while the government has been slow to react to the growing humanitarian crisis in KZN.

 Instead, the President has appeared at set-piece events to glad-hand local ANC leaders - all the while being totally removed from the real situation on the ground.

 That is why I have reached out to the President’s office requesting that he meets with those of us who have been at the forefront of this crisis so that the President may get a first-hand account of what really went on.

Issued by Dean Macpherson, DA KZN Chairperson, 16 July 2021