Cape Town International Airport should be named after Chris Hani – SACP WCape

Party calls for recognition of one of unquestionable giants of liberation struggle

Renaming of the Cape Town International Airport after Chris Hani

6 June 2018

The South African Communist Party in the Western Cape Province confirms that its submission to CHAND, an entity acting on behalf of the Department of Transport and the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), calls for the Cape Town International Airport to be renamed after Chris Hani. 

The SACP calls for this recognition of Hani, one of the unquestionable giants of our liberation struggle who served our people wholeheartedly. Hani was murdered in cold blood while he was resolutely pushing for the achievement of our democracy and complete social emancipation. 

The SACP strongly condemns the criminal behaviour and intimidation displayed at the public hearing held on Monday, 4 June 2018 at the Cape Town International Airport. This conduct has contaminated the process and must be addressed. The SACP further condemns attempts, linked with the anarchy, at suppressing Hani's name. This suppression has  unfortunately been given practical expression in media coverage. 

For the record, the SACP has made its submission at the hearings. The SACP’s proposal must not be prejudiced. The Party respects the rule of law and human rights, and would NOT stoop so low in order to attract attention to its submission. 

Issued by Zuko Mndayi, Provincial Spokesperson, SACP Western Cape, 6 June 2018