Resignation of ANC, PA councillors a stern warning to voters – DA Beaufort West

Councillors struggled to cope with the authoritarianism within ANC/PA Coalition of Corruption

Resignations of ANC, PA councillors in Beaufort West a stern warning to voters

27 March 2024

The DA in Beaufort West notes the resignation of three ward councillors in the Beaufort West Municipality. These include councillors in ward 1 (ANC), ward 3 (PA), and ward 6 (PA). The DA is committed to contest the by-elections that will follow these resignations, in order to restore efficient services and empower the Beaufort West community.

Over the past year, it has become evident that these councillors struggled to cope with the authoritarianism within the ANC/PA Coalition of Corruption. Instead of focusing on delivering essential services to their constituents, they were compelled to address internal leadership deficiencies which exacerbates the financial strain on the town.

Repeatedly, the PA/ANC-coalitions have shown that they simply do not work. Where they govern, corruption and cadre deployment are their first and foremost priorities, causing the complete collapse of municipalities. The destruction of towns such as Beaufort West and Knysna are clear examples of how they govern, and serves as a stern warning to voters who will participate in the upcoming national and provincial elections on 29 May this year.

The DA is the only party that can rescue South Africa and Beaufort West.

Issued by Schaun Meyers, DA Caucus Leader, Beaufort West, 27 March 2024