Resignation of Dr Saleem Abdool Karim welcomed – EFF

Doctor endangered entire communities by advising schools be reopened during peak of Covid first wave

EFF welcomes the resignation of failed advisor Dr Saleem Abdool Karim

25 March 2021

The EFF welcomes the long overdue resignation of the incompetent and overrated "Dr Death", Dr Salim Abdool Karim, from the Ministerial Advisory Committee for COVID­19.

Throughout the entire pandemic in South Africa, Karim has made horribly incorrect predictions, and his advice has been centered around protecting the interests of capital over and above the protection of human life. Karim has been at the forefront of poor decisions made by government, to prematurely ease lockdown regulations, only to tighten regulations once there has been an exhibition of increased infections of death.

As a scientist, he lacks foresight and operated solely on his misguided opinion, misleading not only national government but the nation.

His most dangerous advice, was when South Africa reached the peak of the first wave of the virus, and Karim endangered entire communities, by advising schools be reopened. It took the uproar of the EFF, School Governing Bodies, Principals, trade unions and civil society for this foolish advice to be ignored.

Karim has himself admitted to his failure, when he confessed that he had not advised South African government to participate in vaccine development and procurement efforts earlier, leaving us vulnerable to the global vaccination race as an underdeveloped nation.

The consequences of his poor advice and plain lack of foresight and ignorance, are a contributing factor to where we find ourselves today, which is despite all propaganda, without a dependable vaccination program.

His resignation is welcomed and we hope that the vacancy will be filled by a dependable African epidemiologist, as we continue to fight a virus he did not assist at all in defeating.

Issued Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 25 March 2021