Response to DA on DAFF disciplinary matters - Ministry

Dept is yet to communicate date for beginning of senior official's disciplinary hearing

A Response to the DA on DAFF Disciplinary Matters 

The Department has learnt with dismay the statement issued by the DA about their possession of the disciplinary outcomes of one of the Departmental Deputy Director General, Miss Nosipho Ndudane.

We want to put it on record that:

The said senior official was suspended in June 2018 in line with SMS Handbook for 60 days. On the 60th day, in the first sitting, the Department asked for postponement to consolidate itself for the case. The presiding officer agreed on further extension of the suspension to another 60 days pending readiness. 

We are still within that period of extended suspension and the Department is yet to communicate the date for the beginning of the disciplinary hearing. 

We are concerned about where did the DA got this non-existent report purported to be signed by the Departmental Director General. 

We are going to investigate the origins of this hoax report as we are convinced that an invisible hand with ulterior motives is at play here. The intention of compiling fake reports with disciplinary findings against officials that are yet to plead their cases can only be meant to jeopardize, create loopholes and to open up the Department to unwarranted litigations.  This is a criminal matter of highest proportion considering that even DG Signature has been forged to legalize this report.

Issued by Ministry of Agriculture, 12 September 2018