IMTT should publish findings of report into NWest collapse – Joe McGluwa

DA PL says it is no longer enough that government sets up committees and task teams to identify the challenges

DA calls for IMTT to reveal findings of report into NW collapse at the hands of failed ANC

23 August 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West calls on the Inter-Ministerial Task Team (IMTT) to release the progress report regarding the state of the Province, which has collapsed under the mismanagement of the failed ANC government.

The DA will also request the task team to clearly outline steps they will take to rebuild the organizational failures that exist within the North West departments and municipalities as a result of the failed ANC’s rampant mismanagement, maladministration, corruption and lack of adherence to chain supply management procedures.

Today 23 August 2018, cabinet released a statement that they were satisfied with the implementation stage of Section 100 (1) and that several milestones were reached. It is simply not enough for the ANC-appointed task team to be “satisfied” with their own progress on issues pertaining to the dealings of their own members without being transparent regarding the process.

On Monday 20 August 2018, reports indicated that under former Premier Supra Mahumapelo R10 million was taken from each province’s department to run the Setsokotsane Program, a program which weakened intergovernmental structures instead of uplifting the people of this province.

Media reports also made other allegations of how the former Premier forced out senior provincial officials out of their jobs in order to control among other things key projects that included a bus procurement contract worth R1 billion and an R300 million contract to assist departments with IT projects and training.

It is no longer enough that government sets up committees and task teams to identify the challenges within our province, there is also a need to hold those responsible for the collapse of our province accountable.

The people of the North West deserve to know what work the IMTT is doing, what findings and progress have been made and to see people being held accountable for the collapse of service delivery in the province.

We are not aware of any action steps that were taken against responsible cadres, criminal cases that were opened or tangible action against those who governed this province to the ground. It was said it will take nearly two years to fix the problems in the North West but we need feedback in order to play our oversight role and to keep the President and his cadres accountable.

The North West is another tale of how the failed ANC government has forgotten the people of North West, but instead unemployment, corruption, crime is high and a complete collapse of service delivery. Only a DA-led government can bring the much-needed change in our province and build a One South Africa for All.

Issued by Joe McGluwaDA North West Provincial Leader, 23 August 2018