SA yet to try an alternative revolutionary party - EFF

Fighters say they are always getting closer to a total victory for total change


Wednesday, 10 April, 2019

The 2019, May 8th Elections remain the most crucial since 1994. All scientific evidence points to the inevitable fact that for the first time since 1994, each and every vote will have an impact. It is therefore the duty of all who seek change, who want a discontinuity with the status-quo to come out in their numbers and use the power of the single vote, to contribute to change. All South Africans must know, that unlike ever before, as a people, we have to be honest about a simple fact that we have not tried an alternative revolutionary party.

For over 25 years, we have only tried one option, and that option has failed and is now tired. Therefore, those who are spreading despondency, discouraging people on the importance of voting, are holding society in chains, refusing us to break with the status-quo. If you want change, vote for change because with the presence of a viable revolutionary alternative in the EFF, you will get the change.

Accordingly, the EFF has taken time to articulate its election machinery at a sub-regional level, as the real battle is going to be fought there. We have therefore set up formable structures to ensure that volunteers of the Economic Emancipation Movement concentrate the battle on every house, street, township, village and town. Our machinery is well oiled, ready for battle and already doing wonders on the ground.

This is demonstrated by our improved presence in voting stations during the two days of voter registration in January. As well as the recent success in Provincial Manifesto Launches across all the 9 provinces of the country. We reiterate our gratitude to the people of South Africa for their massive attendance, which has inspired great confidence in the bright future of the EFF. We also thank our commissars and ground forces who worked tirelessly to ensure the success thereof.

The EFF has grown, and each day, it is better than yesterday, and always getting closer to a total victory for total change.

According to our Election Manual, this means we have effectively entered the final phase of our election campaign, the Tshela Thupa Phase. This phase, is based on intensification of Door-to-Door in order to speak directly to voters. Only those who are registered to vote must be the target of our energy and efforts in this last phase. Each day, a fighter must speak and convert registered voters into EFF voters through the power of a person to person persuasion.

We will also intensify our weekend sub-regional campaigns which start with the EFF Red Friday every Friday till end of Elections. Al Sub-regions during weekends must work together to target difficult areas through extensive door-to-door and blitz campaigns.

In these final 28 days before election day; if you are a fighter and finish an entire day without doing door-to-door then you must know that you are not contributing to change. If you are a commissar and a day passes without doing door-to-door, then you must know you are not contributing to change.

This phase will culminate into the final rally of our elections campaign, the Tshela-Thupa Rally which will take place on the 05 May 2019, at Orlando Stadium, Soweto. All our people, particularly the residents of Soweto are invited to fill up Orlando Stadium on that Sunday to give the final warning shots of what will happen on election day.

The EFF is proud of its now publicly known list of candidates for parliament and provincial legislatures. The list is a combination of continuity and change, gender, geographic and spread. It is a collective of hardworking, tried and tested fighters, commissars and grounds forces who have cut their teeth in the picket lines of the economic emancipation movement.

As of this morning, we have received a formal communication, for the first time, from one of those who are disgruntled with the democratic outcomes of the list process, in a form of a letter of resignation as a member of the EFF. We note this resignation; good riddance.

We reiterate that our financial standing as an organisation is at its best, demonstrated by the fact that parliament, legislatures and the IEC have all given EFF money for five years. This could only happen because our financial books always pass the scrutiny of independent auditors.

We call on all our fighters and ground forces in general to focus on the battle at hand which is to win the 08th of May elections. Do not allow to be defocused. Let us all be on the ground, every hour of every single day, because victory is certain.

Statement issued by Economic Freedom Fighters, 10 April 2019