SACP condemns US imperialist aggression in Ukraine, Venezuela

Party denounces regime change and coups in the strongest terms possible

SACP condemns imperialist meddling, in Venezuela, Ukraine and the world over!

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has noted with disgust that the United States, its allies, puppet regimes and client states have scaled up imperialist aggression. This includes intensification of militarism, unjust use of sanctions, and regime changes. "It is in this context that regime changes such as Libya and support for terrorist groupings in Syria, neo-Nazism and the recent coup in Ukraine have occurred in the yoke of US-led imperialism", says SACP 2nd Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila. In Ukraine, the imperialist US and European Union bloc did not hesitate to accept a coup while in advance rejecting a ballot as is the case in Crimea.    

Taking place in the aftermath of the largest and most persistent capitalist system crisis since the Great Depression, there can be no doubt all these manoeuvres are calculated at capturing prospects for economic recovery and advancing imperialist economic dominance. This includes an aggressive drive to capture control over world resources and wealth and deepen capitalist labour exploitation for private capital accumulation under the dominance of transnational corporations. "Similarly, it is in this context that Venezuela is currently facing a renewed wave of imperialist aggression which seeks to meddle in its affairs", says Mapaila. 

The SACP condemns regime change and coups in the strongest terms possible. The Party expresses its revolutionary solidarity with the people of Venezuela and all other countries that are facing imperialist aggression.

Not for the first time, imperialist forces are working together in Venezuela with counter-revolutionary elements including opposition beneficiaries and financiers who enjoyed themselves during the past when the country was deeply and mercilessly exploited and manipulated by imperialism, involving mainly US based multi-national corporations not without state backing. The SACP is deeply concerned that this seeks to undermine, weaken and ultimately destroy democracy in Venezuela.

Foreign sponsored and influenced forces and elements in Venezuela lost 18 democratic elections out of 19 in the past 15 years, and 4 elections in past 2 years. In a desperate move they are now increasingly turning to violence as a means of overthrowing the democratically elected government of the people.

In the past Venezuela has seen many attempted and failed coups not without imperialist and foreign involvement targeted at the democratic administration which was led by former president Hugo Chavez. 

Characteristic of a coup, the counter-revolutionary forces also threaten to kill the sitting President Nicolás Maduro, according to the Venezuelan Embassy in South Africa. Coupled with this are calls upon the military to rebel against the government. All these are not necessarily against an individual leader but the Bolivarian revolution which seeks to build socialism in the 21st century. 

The essential content of these manoeuvres is anchored in handing over Venezuela's resources in the hands of imperialist exploitation in axis with a tiny minority of the local and rottenly corrupt capitalist class elements and their aspirants. Venezuela's geo-strategic location consist of a vast wealth of natural environment and mineral resources, including proven petroleum reserves that are among the top if not at the top in the world.

The SACP calls on all workers of the world, to unite! The Party says let us unite to bring an end to oppression, exploitation, imperialist domination, tyranny, misery and all other forms of bondage!

Statement issued by the SACP, March 17 2014

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