SACP supports boycotts of apartheid Israel

Party commends cancellation of trip to that country, condemns efforts to isolate Ebrahim Ebrahim


The SACP commends the cancelation of a trip of various leaders of different sectors to visit Israel. Furthermore we welcome the statements of government as articulated by the Deputy Minister of International Relations, cde Ebrahim Ebrahim.

The SACP has witnessed attempts by the South African Zionist Federation, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the Office of the Chief Rabbi to isolate the Deputy Minister as if he is not expressing government policy. These remarks are consistent with government's intention for instance to classify goods coming from the Israeli Occupied Territories as such. Similarly we recall that the University of Johannesburg has cut ties as well with the University of Ben Gurion. The comments by the Deputy Minister and the cancellation of the visits must be seen as part of a set of actions by progressives around the world to put pressure on apartheid Israel to change its policies regarding Palestine

Attempts to make turn these statements into individual comments smack of opportunism and are part of the divide and rule tactics which we should not accept. Our principled stance against apartheid Israel's occupation of Palestine remains.

The SACP also wishes to strongly condemn the hypocrisy and double standards of the Israeli government when only a week ago it prevented a Non- Aligned Movement delegation, made up of no less than Ministers coming from different countries, to go to Ramallah in Palestine. Amongst these Ministers was our own Deputy National Chairperson, cde Thulas Nxesi, who was sent there by the South African government. It is time now that all the progressive forces must refuse to be intimidated by apartheid Israel and deepen solidarity actions with the oppressed people of Palestine.

Apartheid Israel has for all intents and purposes failed to adhere to international resolutions on the necessity to free the Palestinian people and their legitimate aspirations for an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The SACP supports the broad framework of boycott and divestment directed against apartheid Israel.

Statement issued by the SACP, August 15 2012

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