Sanctioning of Zanu-PF leaders and not Zimbabweans welcomed – Herman Mashaba

ActionSA leader says this move will bring relief to the country’s people and reduce pressure on SA due to its close proximity

ActionSA welcomes the lifting of US sanctions against Zimbabwean people, but sanctioning Zanu-PF leaders instead

5 March 2024 

ActionSA welcomes the decision by the United States (US) to replace the two-decades-old sanctions against the Zimbabwean people and replace them with sanctions targeted at Zanu-PF leaders, including those close to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The move will bring relief to the Zimbabwean people, and thereby reduce the pressure faced by South Africa due to its close proximity.

At the launch of ActionSA on 29 August 2020, we openly expressed our position that the people of Zimbabwe should not be punished because of the human rights abuses and corruption of their dictatorial leaders. The Zimbabwean people have for too long suffered under the cruel leadership of the Zanu-PF, and the lifting of sanctions against them will hopefully bring much-needed relief.

The move by the US furthermore highlights how South Africa’s ruling party is partly to blame for the situation in Zimbabwe, having openly supported Zanu-PF leaders including Robert Mugabe and Mnangagwa. South Africa’s support for the cruel Zanu-PF, and refusal to condemn the hundreds of political killings which have taken in Zimbabwe, have contributed to thousands of Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa which added additional pressure on our already struggling economy.

At our inaugural policy conference in September, over 600 delegates from across the country adopted ActionSA’s Foreign Policy which stipulates that when ActionSA enters government, we would champion human rights in the region and globally. An ActionSA government would furthermore use South Africa’s foreign policy to improve the lives of the South African people by strengthening relationships with key trading partners and improving cross-border trade.

ActionSA maintains that the Zimbabwean people have the right to go home and live in peace under a government which prioritises their wellbeing and security. We will continue to work towards that goal, but the only way to see it implemented is if South Africans take action on the 29th of May to remove the ruling party from power.

Issued by Herman Mashaba, ActionSA President, 5 March 2024