SAPS failure in KZN puts lives at extreme risk – Chris Pappas

DA KZN Premier says uMlazi has only two police stations, vehicles often broken down

SAPS failure in KZN puts lives at extreme risk

24 April 2024

The DA in KZN led by Premier Candidate, Chris Pappas, and renowned crime fighting activist, Ian Cameron, spent two days shining the spotlight on crime, policing and community safety. What was highlighted is that the communities in our province are at extreme risk due to failed policing under the ANC government.

Yesterday in Verulam, the DA held a picket at the local police station, which is at the centre of mounting frustration, with allegations of corrupt officers on the payroll of renowned drug lords, poor response times and non-prioritization of crimes reported.

Our delegation also visited an elderly victim of crime who's outpouring of tears of helplessness captures the overall sentiment of the community.

Today the DA delegation was in uMlazi to meet with a local community safety forum which has taken it upon itself to keep residents safe and conducts its own patrols because the local police have given up the fight against crime. During the engagement, Cameron shared valuable insights around how to navigate crime-fighting efforts within the prescripts of the law. Members of the forum also disclosed how uMlazi, one of the biggest townships in the country, only has two police stations while vehicles are often broken down, how police take several hours to respond, a lack of recognition and cooperation from SAPS and a dire shortage of resources.

To this end the DA handed over reflective vests, whistles, and torches to the safety forum, to help meet their operational needs and to support the incredible work they are doing to support their community.

The recent events underscore the critical necessity of promptly establishing a provincial police force in collaboration with community organizations to effectively combat crime. This proactive measure is essential, especially in provinces like KZN, plagued by rampant crime and violence. We must implement tailored policies and policing plans which are more suited to our province’s specific needs.

The 29th of May provides an opportunity for communities like Verulam, uMlazi and many others to arrest the scourge of crime by voting in a proactive DA government which will put their safety and well-being first.

Issued by Chris Pappas, DA KZN Premier Candidate, 24 April 2024