SAPS must prioritise investigation against Zille - ANC WCape

Party says Premier driven by conspiracy theories or unsubstantiated rumours and not sound governance principles

Zille is not fit-for-purpose any more

The ANC Western Cape says the DA’s spy premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille is not fit for office anymore as added and new shocking information of evil, vile and underhanded tactics even in the internal workings of the DA are exposed. The ANC says it has been vindicated for bringing a motion in the week to remove Zille as premier as she has brought that office into disrepute and she continues to do this.

The delusional Zille is driven by conspiracy theories or unsubstantiated rumours and not sound governance principles. She spends more time hunting down her own than to address the dire and inferior services the poor content with!

ANC Western Cape chief whip's office in the legislature says: “It is clear that the desperate Zille is now on a witch-hunt to suppress and intimidate those that may give information to SAPS on her illegal dealings with one suspect Paul Scheepers who did surveillance and interception work for her and who was paid with taxpayer money. Not only her fellow party faithful and politicians are targeted by her, but also whistle blowing officials in the administration. The ANC calls on all with relevant information to hand it to SAPS.

“The ANC calls on SAPS to prioritise the investigation against Zille and to deal swiftly with matters in order to duly protect witnesses. The vindictive Zille is out of control in her own party and the DA lurches from lie to deception to get out of the problems Zille created for it with a blog that opened a can of worms on Scheepers and now she tries to shift the blame to others. The whole fiasco smacks of a major cover-up. What is she trying to hide? Every time Zille opens her mouth or writes on the matter she embarrasses herself, her party and the province. 

The ANC did not implicate anybody who may or could have spoken with it, despite the paranoid Zille’s claims. The disillusioned DA leaks like a sieve and it devour itself from within.”

Statement issued by Cobus Grobler, ANC Western Cape, 5 December 2015