SAPS must take charge of the streets – EFF

The poor ought to unite, instead of turning against each other

EFF condemns the criminal and violent looting across Gauteng

2 September 2019

The EFF condemns the criminal, violent looting that has been taking place across cities and townships in Gauteng. This criminality has been essentially driven by pure criminals against properties of foreign nationals and South Africans alike.

We call on the SAPS to take charge of the streets and decisively restore order. Most importantly, we call on South Africans to stop their violent intolerance of black foreign nationals.

Looting of shops of other poor people will never resolve the real economic problems we face. The poor ought to unite, instead of turning against each other.

A poor person can never be the reason why another poor person is poor. The economic conditions of poverty, hunger and unemployment are caused by the capitalists and the ANC government. The poor ought to unite in demand of a better and more urgent resolution of the economic crisis facing the country and its mainly black communities.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 2 September 2019