SARS: We'll appeal Press Ombudsman's ruling - Sunday Times

Andy Gill says the newspaper's reporting on the matter was balanced, unbiased and thorough

Sunday Times statement on Press Ombudsman ruling

Johannesburg, 16 December 2015:  The Sunday Times has noted the ruling of the Press Ombudsman with regard to the complaints by Pravin Gordhan, Johann van Loggerenberg and Ivan Pillay.

We are disappointed with the majority of the findings and sanctions that have been made and intend to appeal key elements of the Ombudsman’s ruling to the Chair of the SA Press Appeals Panel.

We maintain that the reporting by the Sunday Times was balanced, unbiased, and that the newspaper had been sufficiently responsible and thorough in checking the validity of all information supplied by its numerous independent sources.  The Sunday Times had no agenda other than to uncover the truth, which we investigated diligently and in the public interest.  We are confident of our chances on appeal.

We do not intend to comment further on this issue until the Appeal process is finalised.

Statement issued by Samantha Pugh, Pugh Public Relations & Corporate Communications on behalf of Andy Gill, Managing Director, Times Media, 16 December 2015