SASCO Gauteng praises Wits students who blocked Yossi Reshef's performance

Congress says pianist sent by the Israeli embassy to disturb our 2013 Israeli Apartheid week

SASCO Gauteng Statement on the Israeli Pianist 

We hail the heroic students of Wits for blocking  the performance of the pianist Yossi Reshef who was sent by the Israeli embassy to disturb our 2013 Israeli Apartheid week through performances geared to cover the murderous Israeli state.

This is a cheap and malicious trick by the Israeli lobby to undermine the solidarity work which south african students are have been embarking on throughout the IAW 2013 across our province to expose the gross human rights violations perpetuated by the apartheid state  and to recruit new soles for solidarity with the palestinian struggle.

This heroic students join a league of many brave students around the world who refused to stand by the sidelines during the height of repression against africans by the Apartheid government of South Africa. We believe that south africans,students in particular should repay these revolutionary debt to the international community by participating in solidarity work with oppressed people in the world and the palestinians in particular given the similarities of our subjugation.

We are aware of plans by the Wits Management to intimidate students who participated in the protest through  unwarranted inquiries and threats of suspensions and would like to warn them that the blood of many palestinian children,mothers and father will be on their hands should any of the students be suspended.

We reiterate our support to the  boycott divestment and sanctions campaign and commit to continue building academic and cultural relations with the palestinian people. We will work hard to raise funds for scholarships for palestinian students to study in our Universities as resolved by our 2012 National General Council.

Statement issued by Nhlamulo Siwela SASCO Gauteng Chairperson, and Billy Sepuru SASCO Gauteng Secretary, March 14 2013

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