"Scalding judgment for NDZ’s lockdown regulations: 'irrational, unconstitutional, paternalistic'" - BizNews

And four other top stories on Alec Hogg's business news website, 4 June 2020

JOHANNESBURG – The five best-read stories on Alec Hogg’s BizNews.com Thursday 4 June 2020

1. Scalding judgment for NDZ’s lockdown regulations: “irrational, unconstitutional, paternalistic”

2. Covid-19 judgment flawed – but govt not out of the Constitutional woods – Pierre de Vos

3. Covid-19 pandemic in pictures – updated graphs that matter to South Africans

4. Tygerberg Hospital in WC says admissions increase as lockdown eases; but ‘coping’ – George Muntingh

5. SA bank’s customers suffer 20% hit on income through pay cuts or less work as virus bites

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