Mogale City: Sections of Kagiso spend up to 7 months without electricity – Tyrone Gray

DA MC says these power cuts affect residents and damage the economy

Sections of Kagiso spend five to seven months without electricity

14 October 2021

Note to Editors: Please find the attached soundbite by the DA Mogale City Mayoral candidate, Tyrone Gray. 

Sections of Kagiso from Swaneville and Lewisham have been without electricity for at least five to seven months.

This is after Eskom failed to replace, secure, upgrade and capacitate the electrical distribution network. Transformers are overloaded and instead of ensuring adequate infrastructure, Eskom continues to leave residents without power. Please see photos here and here.

Residents were forced to spend the cold winter months with no electricity, unable to put on a heater or even make a simple cup of tea.

These power cuts not only affect the day-to-day activities of residents but also has a negative impact on the local economy. We cannot speak of entrepreneurship or social development without a consistent supply of electricity.

The DA has submitted numerous petitions to Eskom which were always ignored, we are currently drafting a plan of action which will be submitted to the power utility to resolve the crisis that currently plagues Kagiso residents.

The DA in Mogale has a plan to resolve the electricity crisis and ensure that we get the basic right. A DA-led government will:

- offer a R75 000 tax rebate for households that are energy-wise.
- Establish a localised IPP especially at Chamdor, with an added benefit of job creation and economic stimulus for the region via investment and entrepreneurship
- Introduce energy-wise reward tariffs.
- Ensure the reduction of illegal connections and roll out the indigent programme alongside the formalisation of informal settlements.
- Establish public-private partnerships to assist in the prevention of electrical infrastructure tampering.
- Ensuring timing devices work on all municipal infrastructure with energy-wise fittings such as smart solar streetlights

The DA urges residents to make their voice heard on 1 November 2021 by voting out the failing ANC government that takes their power and leaves them in the dark and vote for a party that gets things done.

Issued by Tyrone Gray, DA Mogale City Mayoral candidate, 14 October 2021