Security plan needed for Jules Street – Jack Bloom

Looters and arsonists not deterred by local police, outside forces need to be readily available

Security plan needed for Jules Street

9 September 2019

A security plan is needed for Jules Street which is Johannesburg’s longest road spanning the suburbs of Malvern and Jeppestown.

This morning l inspected the damage in the street with DA Councillors Neuren Pietersen and Carlos da Rocha following the recent devastation of xenophobic and criminal violence.

We saw many shuttered shops, burnt out buildings and the remains of burnt tyres on the road.

This is a volatile area that will not recover unless there is a solid security plan involving all levels of government.

It is most disappointing that Public Order Police have not been deployed in sufficient numbers to quell the recent violence.

The looters and arsonists are not deterred by the local police and outside forces need to be readily available.

Many people are dependent for jobs in Jules Street and businesses will not return to this area without solid security.

Lost jobs will lead to more frustrations and attacks on scape goats. All role players need to work together get the security that is needed.

Issued by Jack Bloom, DA Johannesburg East Constituency Head, 9 September 2019