Selfish behaviour of DA West Rand councillors condemned – EFF Gauteng

Fighters say DA dodgy efforts to retain control of council speak to its racist superiority master-slave complex

EFF statement on the collapse of Rand West District Municipal Council

24 March 2023

The Economic Freedom Fighters Gauteng condemns the selfish and childish behaviour of the DA councillors in the West Rand District Municipal Council.

In an attempt to delay the inevitable, the DA through its Speaker and councillors, a council meeting that was correctly called according to the standing rules and orders of the council and Municipal Structures Act; they disrupted the proceedings and eventually a walkout, thus collapsing the seating without suggesting an alternative date for reconvening.

Among other items in the agenda were motions of no confidence on the Speak, Executive Mayor and Council Chief Whip, all by the DA.

The DA's continued insistence on presiding over a council in which they no longer enjoy majority in, speaks to its racist superiority master-slave complex; where white people believe that it is their God-given right to lead the affairs of the people without democratically acquiring their consent.

This is the modus operandi Of the DA in the City of Ekurhuleni, Tshwane, and Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipal Councils, where processes are in order to hold on to positions of power.

With all this nefarious politicking and the continued stay of the DA in positions of power, it is the poor black communities in need of water, electricity, refuse collection services, proper road infrastructure and sanitation) are at the receiving end.

We condemn this behaviour and we call on the Speaker to reconvene the council within 48 hours as stated in the standing rules and orders.

Issued by Nkululeko Dunga, Provincial Chairperson, EFF, 24 March 2023