Closure of Afro Voice concerning – LIMUSA

Union says proper liquidation processes were not followed

LIMUSA is concerned about the situation at Afro Voice

2 June 2018

The Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa (LIMUSA) is concerned about the sudden dismissal of workers and closing of Afro Voice newspaper.

LIMUSA has noted the sudden closing and dismissal of workers last week after the management had announced the closure of the newspaper. We are concerned that proper liquidation processes were not followed, and this decision was taken without acknowledging the wellbeing and rights of employees.

It is even shocking that the newspaper had not tried any alternatives of rescuing the paper and equally the jobs of employees. In our view, this decision was taken recklessly, and it is highly inconsiderate.

We equally understand that the monopolization of the media sector by big media houses is equally a challenge. We are highly concerned that the media sector remains untransformed and the hegemony of big monopolies in the sector are a threat to emerging media corporations. This is part of the reasons why the media remains hostile towards the working class and remains central to a class agenda against the working class and the poor. 

We pledge our undivided solidarity to the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the journalists as they confront the situation which befalls them. We will join the workers at the front line in any action which they plan to undertake in confronting this situation.

Issued by Dloze Matoone, Media Communications Officer, LIMUSA, 2 June 2018