Solly Msimanga is next - Julius Malema

EFF leader says DA was arrogant in voting against EWC in parliament

What happened to Athol Trollip will happen to Solly Msimanga - Malema

The DA-EFF coalition that leads the Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay metros is hanging by a thread as EFF leader Julius Malema revelled in the party's call for the removal of Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip of the DA coming to fruition.

In his view, it is only a matter of time before the same happens to Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga.

"They said Malema is a small boy, Trollip is not going anywhere. Look now," Malema told the media in a briefing held at the EFF's headquarters in Braamfontein on Tuesday.

Trollip was removed as the mayor following a vote of no confidence on Monday.

"The EFF is unapologetic about its decision to remove Athol Trollip as the executive mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay. The vote must be understood as a serious opposition to the white arrogance of the white-dominated DA," Malema said.

Malema has attributed the unfolding events in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro to the DA's "arrogance".

Trollip important in the DA 'because he is white'

"This arrogance was demonstrated by the DA's refusal to vote for expropriation of land without compensation in Parliament to allow black people to have access to the land," Malema explained.

He further noted that the DA had not questioned the removal of its coloured speaker through a motion of no confidence but was ready to go to court for Trollip.

"Trollip is an important person in the DA because of the colour of his skin, it is because he is white," Malema said.

Malema went on to warn the DA that what had happened to Trollip would also happen to Msimanga.

"Msimanga allows white racists who are exposed for taking jobs without the necessary qualifications to retaliate and punishes the black city manager for exposing them. We hate corruption," Malema said.

Malema went on to state that if city manager Moeketsi Mosola was going to go through a disciplinary process then Msimanga should be held to the same standard.

Mashaba 'works well with everyone'

"We do not have a replacement for Solly Msimanga, we will support anyone who brings a credible candidate," Malema said.

The EFF said it was satisfied with the way Mayor Herman Mashaba was running Johannesburg.

"We are not going to remove Herman Mashaba because he works well with everyone and he consults. If the DA wants to remove him they must do it themselves," he said.

The EFF stated that it was not in a rush to govern metros because "power takes time".

"We are going to govern metros after 2019, we are in no rush. Right now we are pushing policies so that when we come in we can implement them," Malema said.

The EFF also stated that it was not afraid of snap elections in any of the metros.

"The EFF is the only political party that was born ready to participate in elections with immediate effect, we are ready now or any time to go toe to toe with any political party for re-elections in Nelson Mandela Bay or Tshwane metro," he concluded.