SONA: Cellphone scrambling unacceptable - FAWU

Union commends govt for initiating 50/50 land ownership policy

FAWU Statement On SONA:

Use of Cellphone Signal Scrambling Devices: FAWU irrevocably condemns the use of cellphone signal scrambling devices that were aimed at barring transmitter signals, thereby seeking to prevent information from flowing outside the National Assembly. Transparency should avail at all times in Parliament . Those responsible for the use of these instruments should be held accountable and face disciplinary action for such criminal and unconstitutional behaviour.

Disruption: We condemn the EFF's behaviour at such an important event for the country especially seeing that there would be opportunities later for the EFF and other opposition parties to ask questions. At the same time, we also condemn the use of brutal force and subsequent violence in Parliament as it remains a place which commands respect and dignified behaviour.

Energy Crisis: We call on government to speed up the process of improving and maintaining ESKOM's power stations as well as improving the overall energy generation capacity. We commend government's efforts to look into options exploring renewable energy. We need to restore the public's faith and investor confidence that this government can indeed meet electricity demand.

50/50 Policy: We commend government for initiating efforts that will increase the rights and living conditions of those who work and live on farms. We look forward to a positive outcome of the pilot project as mentioned.

Land Reform Programmes: While we note that more than 36 000 land claims have been lodged nationally, we do wonder how many of these have actually been processed thus far. The process is painfully slow. We furthermore support all agricultural programmes that serves to promote and develop small-scale and emerging farmers. It is our hope that these land reform programmes won't become once -off projects and that a sustainability programme will ultimately be put in place that will benefit small-holder farmers, farm workers and farm dwellers.

Operation Phakisa: We support mentioned initiatives that seek to grow the ocean economy and other sectors.

Labour Legislation: We are eagerly awaiting the promised improvements in labour legislation, particularly those aimed at reviewing the Sectoral Determinations of the agriculture, forestry, wholesale and retail sectors where many workers are still being exploited.

Statement issued by FAWU media officer, Dominique Swartz-Martin, February 15 2015

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