Springbok vision of “Stronger Together” inspiring – MPC

Parties say the Bokke showed the nation what is possible if we work together toward a common goal

Multi-Party Charter inspired by the Springbok vision of “Stronger Together”

30 October 2023

The Multi-Party Charter wholeheartedly congratulates the Springboks for their glorious victory in the Rugby World Cup. Through sheer courage, tenacity and teamwork, they overcame every hurdle they faced, to bring the cup home. We stand with the whole of South Africa in being immensely proud of them and overjoyed by their wonderful success.

Their vision of “Stronger Together” is profound, and we are deeply inspired by it. The Bokke didn’t only unite as a strong and diverse team, drawing on the best that each member had to offer and thereby enabling each one to be the best they could be. They showed the nation what is possible if we work together towards a common goal.

We as the Multi-Party Charter consist of diverse parties representing South Africans from all backgrounds. We too have come together for a single goal, which is to offer the nation a new government to build a just, inclusive and prosperous South Africa based on opportunity, freedom and security for all its citizens.

We believe this country can be as great as the mighty Springboks. If we unite, nothing can stand in our way. South Africa has all the seeds of success, but we will only realise the incredible potential of our beloved country if we unite around a shared vision and work together to overcome our challenges. Progress and prosperity are ours if we can take this powerful lesson from our Springbok heroes: that we are, and always have been, stronger together.

Issued by Multi-Party Charter, 30 October 2023