State Capture report aims to advance an political agenda – ANCWL

Women's league says report was hastily compiled without interviewing some of the people implicated

The ANCWL statement on the report of State Capture

19 October 2016

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) has noted the reports on the narrow, politically motivated investigation of state capture which has been sent to the Office of the Public Protector by the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly.

It is our view that the report which was hastily compiled without interviewing some  people who are implicated stand to advance narrow opportunistic political agenda. The ANCWL is of a firm view  that  any report which excludes the investigation of white monopoly capital, is an advancement of white supremacy and serves a racial political agenda that hinders the building of a non-racial society.

The ANCWL appeals to  Adv Mkhwebane to  exercise her powers without fear or favour  and conduct a full investigation of state capture which amongst others includes:

- CIEX report.

- Probable maladmistration and corruption between Transnet- SoC and Anglo American - Kumba Resources relating to 20yrs contract signed during Ms Maria Ramos tenure.

The ANCWL is not surprised that  the Democratic Alliance (DA) is not pleased that the state capture report was handed to the Office of the Public Protector under the leadership of Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane.DA is opportunistic, mischievous in character and is going all out to discredit Adv Mkhwebane before she can even settle in office. It is a known fact that DA did not support the appointment of Adv Mkhwebane and they alleged she was a spy and up to date they never provided evidence to back up their allegations. 

We call on the DA and all political parties to afford the public protector the space to do her work with out fear. The DA gave the previous public protector all the reapect she deserved.

Advocate Mkhwebane was appointed through a fair,  transparent  process and was recommended by the majority of political parties in the National Assembly. The ANCWL urges Adv Mkhwebane  not be intimidated by the utterances of neo-liberal political party. Her task is to serve people of SA without fear or favour  and not to serve narrow political agendas of advancing white supremacy.

Issued by Meokgo Matuba, Secretary-General ANCWL, 19 October 2016