Steinhoff: Markus Jooste’s horses should not be allowed to race – COSATU WCape

Federation says protests will be held at SUN Met at Kenilworth if they are

COSATU to protest the Sun Met horseracing at Kenilworth if Markus Jooste’s horses are allowed to race

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Western Cape is planning to protest the SUN Met horseracing at Kenilworth. The horse racing event to be held at Kenilworth will be protested by the workers if it includes horses of Markus Jooste. Markus Jooste is nothing but a looter, who collapsed Steinhoff taking billions of rands from poor people’s pension funds. He did this while he and his girl friend are riding around in luxury sedans. He has also invested millions of rands in the horse racing industry and monopolised the racing and horse sale fraternity.  

COSATU is concerned that ABSA allows him to further milk the assets that he squandered from Steinhoff and related companies. Jooste should be arrested and charged with corruption for the fraudulent financial activities he has involved the company in.  The Stellenbosch mafia are now desperately trying to shore up the house of cards that is collapsing, and which is exposing the levels of corruption that have their roots in Stellenbosch.

We demand an undertaking be given by the organisers that no horses with links to Marcus Jooste will be allowed to participate in the race. Failing which, Cosatu will be protesting at the event for the return of the money, that Marcus Jooste looted from the company for his high life, which was paid for by workers retirement savings.

The extravagance indulgence by the tiny elites that continues to squander the national wealth for their own gratification will not be left unchallenged.  It is becoming more clearly everyday that the elite in society have no ounce of morality; they continue to live the high life on the backs of working families.

Statement issued by Tony Ehrenreich, COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, 22 January 2018