Submission on legal reform of criminal justice system – HSF

Foundation says appointment and removal process of heads of institutions in criminal justice system need urgent revisions

HSF’s submission to the South African Law Reform Commission on the legal reform of the criminal justice system.

25 September 2019

In the wake of the role played by the heads of various institutions in the South African criminal justice system in the capture of the state, the Helen Suzman Foundation believes that the appointment and removal processes in respect of such crucial posts need urgent revision. The HSF therefore submitted a proposal to the South African Law Reform Commission on 25 September 2019, requesting that it conducts a review and investigation into the relevant pieces of legislation on this subject. 

A 22-page submission accompanied the above proposal. The submission contains a legal analysis of the legislation governing 8 identified criminal justice system institutions, which require legal reform. The purpose of this submission is to restore and ensure confidence in the delivery of criminal justice.

Click here for the HSF letter to the South African Law Reform Commission, and here for the HSF submission.

Issued by Lee-Anne Germanos, Legal Researcher, HSF, 25 September 2019