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Organisations will work together to counter and prevent unrest and looting in communities

Organisations establish task team for distribution of food and essential items 

21 April 2020

The civil rights organisationAfriForum and the family farming network Saai today announced the establishment of a task team to, in cooperation with Solidarity Helping Hand’s Joseph’s Silos project, collect and distribute food and essential items such as hand sanitiser and face masks. These food products and items will be distributed to needy individuals, families and institutions such as, among others, children’s homes, old-age homes and clinics in communities across the country. The initiative will also serve to counter and prevent unrest and looting in communities.

AfriForum will be responsible for managing distribution at grass-roots level from the Joseph’s Silos in cooperation with Saai to ensure that the items being packed and prepared by Helping Hand reach those in need as soon as possible.

Various points across the country where people in need can receive food have already been identified, as well as where people can drop off food to support this project. “It is however difficult for people like farmers who live far from these silos to drop off donations. Those people who are in need of these donations also don’t necessarily have the ability to get to the Joseph’s Silos. That is why AfriForum and Saai decided to get involved to help alleviate the need,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.  

Family farmers will drop off donations at the nearest Helping Hand Silos and AfriForum will be responsible for the micro distribution of the food and other items to people in need.

“This initiative strengthens a network of role-players from cities and the countryside to help the most needy people in this time of distress. By combining contributions and distribution ability, our impact is that much bigger. Certain farmers who currently have a surplus of food that is just going to be wasted, can now donate it to this initiative or distribute it via local structures,” says Francois Rossouw, CEO of Saai.   

“Helping Hand’s structures are already established and the fact that we are taking hands with AfriForum and Saai ensures that three strong institutions are standing together to create hope within these structures. During these difficult times, Helping Hand’s Joseph’s Silos serve as a life buoy for many needy people. More than 70 Joseph’s Silos have already been established across the country. The amount that has up until now been received within the Joseph’s Silos project is nearly R2 million and Helping Hand was able to already provide food to 736 families and 96 institutions such as old-age homes and children’s homes over the past two weeks,” says René Roux, Deputy CEO of Communication at Solidarity Helping Hand.

The organisations are making an appeal to people to, if they are to purchase goods during the lockdown, buy something extra and drop it off at the Joseph’s Silo in their area. When the lockdown is lifted, the amenities will still continue with their operations for quite some time until the crisis time is over. All precautionary measures will be instituted to ensure the safety of the public. 

People can also make donations to the Solidarity Movement’s emergency fund to support this project.      

Account holder:        Solidarity Helping Hand
Bank:                          FNB
Account number:      62 331 445 503
Branch:                      Centurion (branch code: 250 655)
Reference:                 Korona
Swift code:                 FIRN ZA JJ

Visit www.helpendehand.co.za and click on the link for social aid to apply for assistance.

Issued by Carina Bester, Media Relations Officer, AfriForum, 21 April 2020