Taxi associations should comply with Covid-19 regulations – EFF

Fighters say undermining social distancing in public spaces is irresponsible and dangerous

EFF calls on taxi associations to comply with Covid-19 regulations on operational capacity

29 June 2020

The EFF condemns the decision by the Taxi Associations to undermine social distancing regulations and operate at 100% capacity. The associations have taken this decision as an attempt to voice their frustration at the government's refusal to increase the Covid-19 relief package for each taxi. In essence, the taxi associations are punishing vulnerable commuters for the sins and incompetence of the government. This is a clear cowardice stance which is avoiding to take the fight to the real people responsible for the taxi industry problem.

As things stand, the country is recording 40 000 COVID-19 cases a week. To undermine social distancing in public spaces must be seen as an irresponsible and direct risk of our people's lives.

The EFF has up to this point supported the Taxi Associations' demands for R20 000 per taxi relief package. The EFF has also supported the protests that blocked roads to make their demands heard. All these were legitimate and should have been supported by all South Africans.

However, to force our people to be in taxis without observing social distancing is attempted mass murder. The ethical line of respect for human life must never be crossed. Only terrorist cowards will attack innocent, unarmed and vulnerable people in a fight for freedom, instead of directly confronting the enemy.

The reality is that the taxi drivers themselves will be greatly exposed in the process; not only will commuters be exposed to death, but the entire industrial workforce. Meaning, taxi drivers will themselves be like suicide bombers.

We call on the government to urgently meet the Taxi Associations and reach an amicable solution that avoids the irresponsible and reckless risk of people's lives.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 29 June 2020