The ANC claim to be radical but they are not - EFF

Fighters say they are the only party that can complete true decolonisation of South Africa
28 February, 2017 
The EFF is pleased to have exposed the deception and contradictory nature of the ANC once again today in Parliament. The ANC, again refused to implement an aspect that is essential to radical economic transformation; amend the constitution to allow the Expropriation of Land without Compensation. This is undeniably a vital route towards radical economic transformation.
This comes as no surprise as the ANC's survival is based on deceiving the people of Africa that they are radical when they are not. Their ongoing rhetoric only serves to maintain naivety of hopeful masses with no concrete plan to turn the aspirations of our people  into a reality. It is of no use for Jacob Zuma to accede to Land Expropriation without Compensation on public platforms and for ANC Members of Parliament to vote against the same motion.
This exposes the ANC as both a hypocritical bunch whose public pronouncements have nothing to do with their parliamentary commitments. Today's rejection of the EFF's motion indicates that Zuma does not speak for the ANC collective, he does not command it, neither does it listen to him. 
Only the EFF can complete true decolonization of South Africa. We are the only political party that is prepared to restore the humanity of black people by giving them land so that they too can call this country their own. We therefore call on the people of South Africa to reject the ANC in all elections because they are corrupt hypocrites who will do everything to protect white privilege at the expense of black people.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 28 February 2017