The ANC silence on the ANCYL's threats is telling - TAU SA

Louis Meintjes asks whether police will make an effort to defend farmers against land invasions

TAU SA takes threats on land grabbing very seriously

TAU SA takes the threat by the ANC Youth League that they are prepared to occupy farms and put white farmers' safety in jeopardy very seriously. The silence - in all of the eleven national languages - on the part of the country's President, the Government and the ANC structure under whose auspices the Youth League operates, contributes to the severity of the matter. TAU SA is of opinion that the silence leaves the impression that government supports the statements and subsequent actions.

According to the President of TAU SA, Mr Louis Meintjes, it is becoming evident that the ANC and its President are using the Youth League to promote and implement its National Democratic Revolution (NDR).  "This inevitably raises the question whether the state and its police force, will eventually make an effort to protect farmers against potential farm occupation, intimidation and even loss of life among farmers as it would hinder the NDR", says Mr Meintjes.

Mr Meintjes emphasized that the statements of the ANC and its Youth League regarding farm invasions are blatant racism. "It is notable that this kind of racism is often made use of to keep the ANC popular with its supporters and could even be regarded as an important resource for its continued existence and survival."

The question that now arises is whether it is in any way meaningful to stay involved with government actions and forums for the sake of agricultural development in SA. "We are getting the impression that we are being deceived with their cajolery in official circles while being threatened and intimidated outside without the ruling party doing anything about radical and intimidating statements. "We can not continue in a relationship like this and TAU SA will very soon have to reconsider its position in this regard," Mr Meintjes said.

"Meanwhile, we are equally concerned about the silence within the broader agricultural environment with regard to these threats and intimidation. It is becoming crucial that a strong collective stance is taken on this issue and TAU SA therefore appeals to all role players with an investment or interest in agriculture, to voice their opposition against these threatening actions based on the Zimbabwe Model", Mr Meintjes said.

"Consumers will also have to get involved. If farmers are forced to defend their property, it will necessarily be to the detriment of all farming activities, creating a significant risk of empty shelves, as in Zimbabwe ."

Should a farm invasion take place or even if a threat is being made, landowners must please contact TAU SA without any hesitance.

Statement issued by President of TAU SA, Mr Louis Meintjes, June 6 2012

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