The Cape Argus must account - Brown, Skwatsha & Ozinsky

WCape ANC leaders say newspaper allowed journalists to besmirch their reputations

The publication by the Cape Argus of an admission by one of its former journalists that he and a senior colleague were paid taxpayers' money to besmirch our reputations confirms a matter we have tried to address with the newspaper for approximately five years.

Not only have we suffered personal and professional harm as a direct consequence of this conspiracy, but race relations in our province have been profoundly damaged by repeated depictions of us as "Africanists", and the organisation we serve as divided along racial lines.

We are taking legal advice with a view to launching a defamation action against the Cape Argus and Independent Newspapers who have failed to provide restitution for the harm done. We are determined to clear our names.

Statement issued by Lynne Brown, Mcebisi Skwatsha and Max Ozinsky on July 4 2010

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