They are going ahead with charging me - Makhosi Khoza

ANC KZN informed dissident MP shortly after High Court ruled the party's provincial leadership illegitimate

They are going ahead with charging me - Makhosi Khoza

14 September 2017

Johannesburg - ANC MP Makhosi Khoza says that disciplinary proceedings will go ahead against her in KwaZulu-Natal this weekend, despite a High Court ruling that the party's provincial leadership is illegitimate.

Khoza said the provincial ANC wrote to her shortly after the ruling in Pietermaritzburg to say that disciplinary hearings would still go ahead as planned.

"They said they are going ahead with charging me, irrespective of the fact that they are illegitimate. On Sunday, they are expecting me to appear, but I am still consulting with my lawyers," she told journalists.

Khoza was part of a panel that addressed the Metal and Engineering Indaba in Sandton on political leadership in the country.

She has been charged with bringing the party into disrepute after she publicly criticised President Jacob Zuma, calling for him to step down.

A defiant Khoza said she believed that too many in the party were "cowards". She added that she would not be intimidated by disciplinary action against her.  "If there is one thing that nobody can do is to intimidate me. I'm not intimidatable."

Taking jabs at some within the ANC, she told attendees that she did not believe that leaders could stand on an "amoral platform and pursue a noble cause and succeed".

"Its easy for the president of the republic to just decide overnight, with the double digit unemployment rate, to just decide that I am going to do a reshuffle overnight, and just kick out everybody at National Treasury. How are we going to address the real challenges that we are confronting in South Africa."

Khoza threatened again, disciplinary process postponed

The KwaZulu-Natal ANC's 2015 elective conference was ruled illegitimate by the High Court in Pietermaritzburg after it was challenged by rebel branches who claimed the elections were riddled with fraud.

The party's provincial leadership have said they intend challenging the judgment, however, the national ANC has said its up to the NEC to determine if the province can appeal.

KwaZulu-Natal has the largest ANC membership. Divisions in the province could spill over into the national elective conference in December, were a new leadership will emerge.